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 Our Comitment Our Comitment
Our Comitment

Our Comitment

MME is committed to participate in improving the living standards of the communities surrounding its operational areas, as a manifestation of one of its missions. This is done because the Company realizes that its existence as a business entity is an integral part of the surrounding environment and social conditions. To that end, the Company strives to have a good environmental and social impact on its existence.
Corporate CSR Strategy involves five Pillars of Religion, Economic Development, Education, Health, and Infrastructure. Our CSR programs can be categorized into one of the five pillars, all of which are aimed at realizing a thorough development.

Religious Program:

PT. MME as a company located in the Village area of Darmo Lawang Kidul District always support religious activities conducted by the local community. The support was given in order to improve the faith and piety of the community, and to make it easier for the local people to worship, build the infrastructure of houses of worship and contribute to religious celebrations.

Economic Development:

PT. MME as a company, participate in helping the success of government programs in the field of regional economic development. This development program begins with community empowerment given skills training, and then guided to create and seek its own market until the future will be able to run a home industry business that has a characteristic.

Education Program:

PT. MME as a company, has a commitment to participate in assisting the government in improving the quality of education in Indonesia. Through the CSR program in the field of education MME routinely provide scholarships to outstanding students around the mining area.

Health Program:

PT. MME as a company that care about the environmental conditions of the surrounding community has a CSR program in the health sector. This program aims to improve public health by providing health education, free medical treatment for residents, and nutrition assistance for babies, etc.

Infrastructure Program:

CSR Program PT. MME in the field of infrastructure is a form of company awareness of supporting facilities to the four pillars above. Such as the development of clean water source infrastructure is a manifestation of the company's concern in the field of health related to clean and healthy life behavior, as well as road construction undertaken in Dusun V Village Darmo is a manifestation of the company's concern for the development of a decent social life for the local people.