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News Handicrafts Partners PT MME Ready to Go InternationalNews Handicrafts Partners PT MME Ready to Go International
Handicrafts Partners PT MME Ready to Go International

Handicrafts Partners PT MME Ready to Go International

MUARA ENIM - A sense of pride and compassion is shown by Prima Elian when the handicrafts of the villagers of Darmo Village, Lawang Kidul Sub-district Muara Enim District are invited to enliven the Muara Enim District Social Responsibility Discussion Forum (CSR) at Muara Enim Bappeda Building, Tuesday (31 / 10/2017).

Not only he is happy, PT Manambang Muara Enim (PTMME) which from the beginning help through the coaching of the mothers in the proud because the handicrafts of the guardians attracted the participants in the annual forum.

"The handicrafts made by the mothers of Darmo Village are all from waste paper materials and plastic waste. One of them is material from old newsprint, "explained Prima Leader of Craft Reuse From Trash (SCRUFT) to this media on the sidelines of the activity.
Explained again, the product in the form of bags, wall clocks, fruit places, jewelry necklaces, place tissues, and jars of versatility. Prima continued, all handicraft products from the work of the citizens thanks to training activities held by PT Manambang Muara Enim before. As a result, the coal mining company also helps residents in terms of marketing.

"This is all thanks to the training and coaching of PT MME through CSR activities. In fact, by the company is strived to become sovenir in activities Asean Games 2018 in Palembang, "said Prima again.
Meanwhile, Taufik Cikdin, CSR staff of PT MME who accompanied his assisted partners said, in addition to coaching and empowering the community around the company. PT MME CSR Program for Darmo Village community in the form of physical development and infrastructure in the village.

"Empowerment for the mothers of Darmo villagers in this craft field in order to develop creative economy. To go to a creative and independent village community. We represent the company to thank the participants of the Forum Discussion of CSR at Muara Enim Regency, for its attention to the product of handicrafts of Darmo residents, "explained Taufik. (Pur) Quoted from kabarmuaraenim.com
News Handicrafts Partners PT MME Ready to Go International

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