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Logistic Operations

Logistic Operations

MME consistently performs logistics strategies to accommodate the company’s needs during hauling, loading at stockpile and shipping.

Coal being transport by using 10T capacity dump truck from mine site to Jetties in Muara Lematang and Gandus, Palembang. All Jetties are located along the Musi River.

In Jetties, loading activities to barge can use 2 methods, either loading with conveyor or loading manual. Loading rate for conveyor is 8.000 Ton / day and manual is 4.000 Ton / day. Jetties facility can accommodate up to 310 feet barge (consider Ampera Bridge) and maximum departure draft is 4.5 meters.

For transshipment, can be done in Bangka Strait. The distance from Palembang is 90 nautical miles and 120 nautical miles from Muara Lematang. Vessel should provide ship’s gear to do transshipment
Operations Barge Loading Process from Stockpile to Hopper logistic1
Barge Loading Process from Stockpile to Hopper
Operations Barge Loading by Conveyor  logistic3
Barge Loading by Conveyor
Operations Stockpile Facilities in Jetty logistic2
Stockpile Facilities in Jetty